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Western States Metals has spent decades learning the ins and outs of every industry we serve, developing long-term relationships with clients and manufacturers around the globe to give our customers the very best products available.

We’re proud to serve the following industries:


We carry a wide variety of durable metal products designed to suit multiple applications in the oil and gas industry. Western States Metals stocks products designed to exact OEM specifications that are ready to ship as soon as you order them, such as C10100 Oxygen-Free Copper, C11000 Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper, C36000 Free Machining Brass, and more. All are available in solid bars, bus tubes, and bus bars.


Having a reliable metal alloy provider is paramount, especially when dealing with aerospace applications. Western States Metals can provide quality products that are traceable and certified. Our copper alloy and nickel aluminum bronze products can be made to your exact specifications and are available in solid and hollow bars, as well as plates. We can supply AMS 4533 (C17200) Beryllium Copper, AMS 4634 (C64200) Silicon Aluminum Bronze, AMS 4862 (C86300) Manganese Bronze, and more.


The automotive and performance-racing industry demands precision, which is why Western States Metals stocks highly specialized products for all of your industry needs. Our 6061 Aluminum is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy perfect for general-purpose use. We also carry C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze that boasts exceptional bearing properties and is commonly used to construct valve stems, pump shafts, and more.


When it comes to marine and naval applications, anti-corrosion and durability are key. For this reason, we stock a range of alloys that can withstand more extreme environments, such as C63000 AMS 4640, commonly used for aircraft landing gear, bearings and other military, and aircraft components. Western States Metals also carries C46400 (ASTM B-21, AMS 4611), commonly referred to as Naval Brass due to its marine application usage.


Western States Metals carries a range of alloys for the power and electrical industry, including C11000 Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper, a highly-conductive copper often used in thermal and electrical applications. We also stock C10100 / C10200 Oxygen Free Copper, which is ideal for oxygen-free environments and bears a high electrical and terminal conductivity.

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